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Lump Sum Rollins are recorded through the Transaction List. Selecting account 28500/MEMBERCODE will prompt Simple Fund 360 to present you with the Member Rollin Details section. This will allow you to easily record all components of the Rollover Benefit Statement (RBS), all on the one screen. 

From the Main Toolbar, go to Accounting.

Select Transaction list

  1. From the Transaction List screen, select New Transaction. From the drop down list, select Bank Statement

  2. Input the date of the transaction and a reference number (Simple Fund 360 will automatically produce a reference number, but it is editable). You can include a description of the transaction in the Description box.
  3. Under the Account heading, select the bank account from the Select an account box. Click on the next Select an account box. Begin typing and select account 28500/MEMBERCODE (select the member receiving the rollin). 
  4. Input the Lump Sum Rollin amount. Simple Fund 360 will post a corresponding entry to the bank account fields on the screen  (if you post a Credit amount to the other account, Simple Fund 360 will post a Debit  to the bank for the same amount, and vice versa). 

  5. Input the Lump Sum Rollin details in the Member Rollin Details section that appears below. 


The MEMBERCODE for the member selected will appear.

Service Period Start Date

Input the member's service period start date.

Rollover Components

Input the taxable and tax free components of the rollin.

Preservation Amounts

Input the preservation amounts of the rollin.

Contributed Amounts (only displaying for rollins prior to 30/06/2013)

Input any contribution amounts included in the rollin.

6. After you have entered all information for the transaction, select Post to add the transaction and return to the Transaction List screen, or select Post & Add Another to add the transaction to the Transaction List, but remain on the Bank Statements screen.