Navigation to the Quick Fund Setup screen

From the Main Toolbar, go to Home.

Select Quick fund setup from the list.

Select Add New Fund.

Complete a Quick Fund Setup 

To complete a Quick Fund Setup, input the following information: 

  1. Input the fund's details.

    Fund Details Feature


    Select BadgeSelect Default Badge or type in the name of the badge. Refer to the Badges help for more information on how to use Badges.

    Fund Name

    Input the name of the fund.

    Fund Code

    Once the fund name has been input, a fund code will be automatically generated. This code is editable until you add the fund to SF360 (then it is no longer editable).


    Input the Australian Business Number for the fund.


    Input the Tax File Number for the fund. 

    Fund Type


    Date Formed

    Input the inception date of the fund.

    Financial YearInput the current financial year of the fund. If you are recording opening balances, the financial year will be dated from the establishment date of the fund to the date of the financial statements. For example, 14/06/1994 to 30/06/2016.
    System Start DateThe System Start Date is the start of the first active financial year the fund will be processed in SF360.The System Start Date will automatically trigger daily Investment Revaluation and Member Allocation Journals from this date going forward. Refer to the System Start Date help for more information.
  2. Select Save to complete the Quick Fund Setup or Cancel to abort the setup. 

    The fund will now appear in the Fund Selection screen.