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How do I delete/remove Fund Pension Policies


An existing fund pension policy cannot be deleted from the screen. Follow the steps below to overwrite an existing policy. 


Option 1: Actuary percentage no longer required

  1. Navigate to Fund Pension Policies;

  2. Select the existing policy by clicking into the Actuarial % column.
  3. Input 0 as the actuary percentage and select Use Actuary Percentage (from the dropdown) for the General and Investment Expense percentage fields. Input 0 in both these fields.  

  4. Select Save and proceed with The Create Entries Process


Option 2: Amendment to fund data and new actuary percentage required

  1. Complete any required changes to fund data before re-requesting an actuary certificate.

  2. Navigate to Fund Pension Policies;

  3. Select New Actuarial Certificate +

  4. Complete the steps for application for either Act2 Solutions or Accurium.

  5. The actuary providers will treat this certificate application as an amendment based on the fund financial year being the same as the original application.