The Profile Management page allows you to manage your user profile and check which user role you are assigned to.

This section also allows users with admin rights to manage user roles and users for all 360 products from one central location. See the Admin Users section for more info.

Profile Management

The User Management screen allows you to review your profile details and make any changes if required.

To edit any detail, select the pencil icon next to it. 

Click on the tick icon to confirm the change or the cross icon to cancel any changes made.

You have the option to sync your profile details for all 360 applications if you wish to use the same details by selecting the Sync link next to Profile.


Role Permission

Under Role Permission, users can check which 360 applications they have access to and what roles they have been assigned.

If you have been invited to multiple firms, you can see all the firms from that page.

Change Password

To change your current password, select the Change Password link.

The new password should match the requirements specified on-screen.

Select Change My Password.

Change Firm

If you have been invited to multiple 360 firms, you can switch to the other firm by selecting the Change Firm link.

You can then select the firm from the drop-down list.

You can also select another application if required from the second drop-down list.