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Zen Section

Switch Account to Pension

Refer to Commencing a Pension for instructions on switching the account from accumulation to pension.

Please ensure that the correct
titleTBAR event type

When commencing the reversionary pension account, please note the following:

  1. Ensure that the IRS TBAR event type is selected
when commencing the reversionary pension.

  1. Change the effective event date of the pension to be the date of death of the deceased member.

    Upon lodgement of the TBAR file generated by Simple Fund 360, the ATO will recognise the IRS event type and leave the TBAR transaction pending for 12 months.
Zen Section

Cease the Deceased Member

Include Page


From the Member List, select the deceased member. 

Under the Account Details section, input the internal transfer date in the End Date field. 

Select Save.