For common support queries refer to Registry Data Service Troubleshooting


Simple Fund 360 now integrates with Share Registries to automatically receive Holding data based on the Fund's HIN or SRN. The Balance Review screen can be used to confirm unit balances with each of the supported Registries on a quarterly basis. This service will support unlimited HINs or SRNs per fund.

Share RegistrySupported
Link Market ServicesYES
Advanced Share RegistryNO
Security Transfer RegistrarsNO

The initial request (the first time the service is setup for a fund) will retrieve the last four quarter holding balances into the Balance Review screen automatically. Beyond the initial request, Simple Fund 360 will automatically request holding balances from the registry provider on a quarterly basis. The user will only need to access the Balance Review screen.

To use the service please complete the following steps:


Select the fund you wish to set up for the Registry Data Service.

From the Main Toolbar, go to Home.
Select Manage data feeds from the list.

Under the Share Data Packs section, select Start Using.

  1. Under the Tools column, select the checkbox and then select Setup Registry Data

    If you cannot see the check box, please ensure that you have selected the fund you wish to set up for the Registry Data Service and Fund View has been selected.

  2. Review the consent: This screen is used to setup a Registry Data Feed with each Australian Share Registry. By disclosing their SRN or HIN and Postcode to the BGL User setting up this service, the Investor (SMSF Trustee) is deemed to have given their consent to the Registries sharing data with the BGL user via this service. BGL will retrieve the Investor's holding and payment data from each Registry on a quarterly basis.

  3. Input the Postcode and HINs/SRNs for the investor. Select the option Apply to All if the HIN/SRN applies to all investments. Note: The postcode will pre-fill from the Postal Address of the fund in Fund Details. This can be edited on screen.


    Ensure the capital letter, such as X, I or C is in capitals. You will receive an error if recorded in lowercase.

    Alternatively, add the postcode and HIN/SRN to investments individually. 

    Select the Add icon next to the investment. 

    Input the postcode and HIN/SRN.

    Select the green tick. Repeat this step for the remaining investments. 

  4. Select Save once all HIN/SRN and postcode information has been input. The initial request will be made to the registry provider for the retrieval of balance information. Refer to the Balance Review tab. 

Balance Review


The holding balance in Simple Fund 360 may differ from the third party source if year-end workflow has not been fully completed (if all Corporate Actions, buys, sells and Dividend Reinvestments have not been recorded in Simple Fund 360).


From the Main Toolbar, select Investments.
Select Balance Review.

The Balance Review screen will display:

  • Investment Code
  • Investment Name
  • Holding Reference (HIN/SRN obtained from the third party registry)
  • Third Party Data (Data Feed Provider, Balance Date and Balance Amount)
  • SF360 Ledger Data (Balance Amount)
  • Variance

The initial setup of the registry service will obtain the last four quarters of registry holding balances to be viewed. Beyond the initial request, Simple Fund 360 will automatically request holding balances from the registry provider on a quarterly basis. The user will only need to access the Balance Review screen.

Screen Filters/Search



Filter the Balance Review screen

Using the search, input Link into the search and select the magnifying glass. The Balance Review will display only Link registry balances.


Screen FilterExplanation
Data ProviderFeed importing data (Link, wrap, bank etc.).
Report As At DateUse this date filter to display balances on screen from a particular quarter. Report download option coming soon.
Report DownloadThe Balance Review screen will be available for download in report format (Excel) in the near future. 
Holding ReferenceHIN/SRN.
Variance OnlyFilter the screen to display only investments with variances.
Registered NameThis feature will be available soon.


In the example above, the request has identified a variance between the third party registry (Link) and Simple Fund 360. 

Remove HIN/SRN and Postcode

Note: A Remove All option for all investment HINs/SRNs is now available under the Default HIN/SRN field. 


The removal of a HIN/SRN or postcode is completed from the Registry Data screen (Connect >> Manage Data Feeds >> Share Data Pack). 

Select the X icon to the right of the HIN/SRN to remove. To add a new HIN/SRN:

Select the Add icon next to the investment. 

Remove the postcode and HIN/SRN and select the green tick. Complete this step for any remaining investments. 


A Report can be exported by selecting either

  • Export Current View (report will generate based on current filters set in the Balance Review Screen) or
  • Full Report (Report will display all data from the the Balance Review Screen excluding filters). 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the registry service a free service? 

    The Registry Service is available for users who subscribe (or have already subscribed) to The Share Data Pack. The Share Data Pack is an add on service and for more information on pricing please contact BGL on 1300 654 401.

  2. What is the Share Data Pack?

    The Share Data Pack encompasses two services, the BGL Contract Note Service and the Registry Data Service (currently supporting Link Market Services). The BGL Contract Note Service will automatically upload buy and sell share transactions (including PDFs of contract/confirmation notes) to SF360 from all major Australian Brokers.

    BGL has introduced this service to improve SMSF administration in the following ways:

    •   Automatically add investment accounts to SF360 from a BUY transaction;
    •   Automatically process disposals and calculate CGT from any SELL transactions;
    •   Attach contract note source document PDF transactions and upload them into Simple Fund 360.

    If you have not already subscribed to this service, please contact BGL Sales on 1300 654 401 for more information. Also refer to The Share Data Pack.


  3. I am a Simple Fund Desktop User. Does my fund's registry subscription migrate over to Simple Fund 360 when the fund is migrated?

    The Simple Fund Desktop registry service does not migrate over to Simple Fund 360. These two services are different. In order to use the service in Simple Fund 360 subscribe to The Share Data Pack

  4. Is BoardRooom available under the Registry Service?

    BoardRoom is currently not available under the service. 

  5. Will the removal of HIN/SRN and/or postcodes stop the connection between Simple Fund 360 and the Registry provider?

    The removal of a HIN/SRN and/or postcode will stop the balance check for the investments where these items are removed. 

  6. Will the changing of a postcode in the Postal Address section of Fund Details update the postcode used in the registry settings?

    No. If the postcode needs to be changed for investments this will need to be completed manually in the setup screen. Any postcode changes in Fund Details will not update the Registry screen. 

  7. When Setting up an Investment it will not allow me to input a HIN/SRN against the investment

    When a listed security has been delisted you will not be able to input a HIN/SRN in the setup screen for that investment.