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A migration tool has been built in Simple Fund that fully converts your selected funds to SF360. This tool automatically migrates all data for all funds selected.

Migrating from Simple Fund to SF360 is as easy as 1,2,3.

Simple Fund

Open Simple Fund. From the Ribbon Toolbar on the Data In/Out tab, in the Simple Fund 360 group, select Migrate Funds.


A migration tool will display prompting you for the Migration Settings. Enter your SF360 credentials (Firm, Username & Password) that will be provided to you by BGL. Click Save.



Locating your credentials

1) Short Firm Name - this can be located at the end of the URL which you use to log in to SF360. For example, if you log in using the following link:

The Short Firm Name is BGL

2) User Name and Password - This is the username and password you use to log in to SF360.


Select your fund(s) from the fund selection screen and click Migrate Fund(s). Simple Fund will now migrate your funds to SF360. You will now be able to log into SF360 and view your funds.


Feed Status of Data Services post Migration

Already using the BGL Bank Data and Contract Note services in Simple Fund Desktop? 

These data feeds will be migrated across automatically. Refer to Feed Status of Data Services after Migration for how they will appear in Simple Fund 360. 

Reversing a migration

If you wish to reverse a fund migration, this can easily be done by:

  1. Deleting the migrated fund; then
  2. Remigrating the fund as per the steps above.

To delete a fund in Simple Fund 360:

Navigate to the fund selection screen

From the Main Toolbar, select Home.

Select  Fund Selection.

Tick the checkbox for the migrated fund you wish to delete:

Click Delete

Re-migrating in Simple Fund Desktop

The Fund Status in Simple Fund Desktop will show as "Migrated" the first time the fund is migrated.

You are still able to re-migrate a fund from Simple Fund Desktop that has a Fund Status as "Migrated".

Select Yes to the warning that appears when attempting to remigrate the fund