BGL holds a What's New webinar every month free of charge to showcase the latest features that have been added to Simple Fund 360.

The next webinar will be held on Nov 5th 2018, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM AEST

Recordings of the previous sessions can be viewed here.

Release - January 2018

  1. AMIT Fields

    Trustees of AMITs are required to state their reasonable estimate of this amount on the AMMA statement for the income year. These amounts can be directly recorded into the Distribution Details panel. Click here for more. 

  2. Events Based Reporting (Transfer Balance Cap)

    Up to four events can now be reported on the one form for a member. Previously only one event could be reported at a time. Click here for more.

  3. New Supported Broker - Credence Wealth Management

    Added to Supported Brokers of The Share Data Pack.


  1. CGT Relief Letter and Minute: Updated to be addressed from Trustee to Member rather than Member to Trustee
  2. Commence or Start a Pension: Reversionary section added to the commencement screen. 
  3. Share Rights (Notifications): Cash entry for exercised/sold rights or retail premium received now picked up by the Simple Fund 360 matching criteria to be reconciled via Transaction Matching
  4. Balance Review: Under the Data Feed Provider column, the website links for Automatic Registry Services and Security Transfer Australia added.

#BGLtips: Share Rights processing!

Renounceable and non-renounceable share rights can now be actioned from the Corporate Actions screen. Click here for more. These entries can then be matched via the Transaction Matching screen when loaded from a bank feed. 

Note: Select #BGLtips in the heading to learn a few extra tricks to assist you in using Simple Fund 360! 

Issues Corrected

  1. Migrate from Simple Fund to SF360: Mapping of investment securities no longer incorrectly creating duplicate accounts. For example if a firm Chart of Accounts contained 77600/BHP.AX, any additional fund migrations with BHP holdings would no longer create 77600/BHP.AX1, 77600/BHP.AX2.
  2. CGT Relief (Cost Base Reset): Member accounts ceased prior to 01/07/2017 are no longer displaying in the screen.  
  3. Transaction Input: When tabbing through pre-populated accounts they will no longer revert back to the first search result from the chart selector. 
  4. Transaction MatchingCurrent Financial Year filter now working.