The Bank Statement Report can be downloaded directly from Smart Matching. Next to the bank name, select the download option. 

A Bank Statement report has been added to Simple Fund 360 to allow you to check that data entry in Simple Fund 360 is accurate. You can produce the Bank Statement report to match the ledger balance with the bank statement balance. When running the report from the Fund Dashboard or Transaction Matching screen, the report will generate as single report for all bank accounts of the fund. You have the option under the Reports screen to select an individual bank account to run the report for. 

Note: At this stage, Simple Fund 360 does not have a bank reconciliation report. You can submit a wishlist request via the Feedback icon. 

This report can be run from: 

  1. The Fund Dashboard

    Under the Data Feeds section, select View Bank Statement

  2. The Transaction Matching screen

    Under the search bar, select View Bank Statement

  3. The Reports screen

    Under the Work Paper Reports list, select Add

    The Bank Statement report can be produced for one account. Select Options (to the right of the report) and Select Account. Input the account you are running the report for.