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Simple Fund 360 Pricing information

Volume pricing is available for Simple Fund 360 250+ fund level subscriptions. For more information, please contact BGL at or on 1300 654 401.

Easily upgrade your Fund, Bank and Share bundles directly through Simple Fund 360

On the top right hand corner of the screen, select the Firm Profile icon. 

Select Upgrade Subscription. Only Admin users can select this icon. 

Simple Fund 360 will redirect to the BGL Client Centre. Under the Upgrade SF360 Products section, you can view the firm's current Fund, Bank and Share bundle subscriptions. To increase any or all of these subscriptions, select the drop down list to the right of the product name and select an upgraded figure. 

Next, select Get Price.

Subscription Information

When you upgrade or purchase fund and bank/share data for your Simple Fund 360 firm, you will be adding to your existing 12 month subscription. These additional purchases/upgrades will be prorated for the remainder of the period.

Your expiry date will remain the same.

Finally, review and agree to the BGL Software Subscription Agreement and select Add to Cart

The Client Centre will redirect to the Payment screen to complete the upgrade. This upgrade is updated automatically in Simple Fund 360.

Monthly Subscribers

If you're a monthly customer, you will be required to pay the upgraded cost for the remainder of the month on the Upgrade date. On the 1st of next month you will be charged the new upgraded subscription price.

Payment can be done with Credit Card, Direct Debit or Cheque:

  • if you choose to pay by credit card, please click add to cart and follow the prompts; or
  • if you choose to pay by direct debit or cheque, please click this payment option, print the invoice and if necessary give to your accounts team.

How can I view current subscription levels?

Select the Firm Profile icon. 

Current subscription amounts for Firm (SF360 Professional), Bank Data and Share Data are displayed as well as the expiry date. 

Firm Subscription:


Bank Data Subscription:


Share Data Subscription:

Can I cancel Bank Data and Contract Note subscriptions for select funds?

Bank data and contract note feeds can be cancelled by contacting the BGL Data Services Team on 1300 654 401. 

Additional Information

For additional information on any of these services, select the links below: