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To allow the lodgement of TBAR files generated by Simple Fund 360 through the Tax Agent Portal, please follow the instructions below.

You will need your Tax Agent Portal log in credentials.

Checking TBAR authorisation status

To check if you are authorised to lodge TBAR reports through the Tax Agent Portal:

  1. Log in to your Tax Agent portal

  2. Click Lodge file under File transfer

  3. Click What reports can I lodge here?

  4. Ensure that both the Test and Lodge columns read Yes for Transfer balance account report (TBAR) 

    Setup TBAR for lodgement

    If you do not see Transfer balance account report (TBAR) in the list, please refer to the below section on how to set this up.

    You will need access to your AUSkey Access Manager credentials.

Setting up permissions in Access Manager

To set up the TBAR reporting permissions in Access Manager for either yourself, or other users (if you're an AUSkey Access Administrator):

  1. Log in to the AUSkey Access Manager and click Access and permissions under My business.

  2. Click on the name of the user you want to enable TBAR lodgement for.

  3. In the Modify access and permissions screen, scroll down to ATO Transactions section and tick the checkbox in the Lodge column.

  4. Click on Save

    Multiple Users

    If you are an AUSKEY access administrator and you're setting up multiple users, repeat these steps for each user.

    If your name was not displayed or you were unable to change or save your settings, please contact your AUSKEY access administrator.