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To log a support call, select the Log a support call icon at the top of the Simple Fund 360 page. 


Fill in your support request and the Simple Fund 360 Help will be reviewed. Select Go!

  • The top 5 results from the SF360 help will be displayed
  • The SF360 Chat Bot will return what its best answer is based on FAQs.

These responses should be reviewed prior to logging the support call. If a sufficient result is not obtained select Support Call


Complete the Support Call requirements and then select Submit Support Call. 



Contact NameInput your name.
TelephoneInput your preferred contact number.
EmailInput your email address. This will be used to provide updates on the status of your query with BGL Support.
Correspondence Method

From the drop down list, select one of two options:

  • Telephone contact (be contacted by phone)
  • Email contact (be contacted by email)
Issue DescriptionProvide a description of the issue you face to assist the consultant in providing the best possible solution to your query.
Do you want to provide Support access to your fund?

Select Yes if you would like to provide BGL with access to your fund. An invite will be sent to the support consultant and they will have access to your fund for five days to investigate the issue further (where required). Search and select your fund in the field below.

Select No if you do not want to provide access.

Once you have completed the above fields, select Submit Support Call. A consultant will be in contact with you shortly. 


Support queries should not be submitted via the "Provide Feedback" thumbs up section in Simple Fund 360. This should only be used to provide feedback or if you have any suggestion relating to Simple Fund 360.