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Analytical Insights takes Simple Fund 360 to the next level by providing you with the ability to globally search and query your Simple Fund 360 database real-time..

This is the first phase of this project with more search and query capabilities to come.

The Analytical Insights feature provides you with pre-set filters and labels to make it easier and faster to search.

Getting real-time information within a few keyboard strokes will result in hours of productivity saved producing reports and finding the right information in a timely manner.

Screen Access

Select Analytical Insights at the top of the screen.

Search Options

Simple Fund 360 will display search results based on the search term(s) you have entered. The search term(s) will display in red.

Select  or More Information to expand the search result. 

Search Simple Fund 360 globally based on the following:

  1. Fund Name
  2. Fund Code
  3. Fund ABN
  4. Fund Label
  5. Fund Current Financial Year
  6. Member Name, Email, Mobile
  7. Contact Names (e.g. auditor, accountant)

The following sets of filters are also available for you to use:

  • Current Financial Year
  • Unmatched Transactions
  • Pension Account Types (for example, Account Based or Market Linked)
  • NCC Cap (01/07/07 - 03/05/16)
  • NCC Cap (01/07/07 - Now)
  • Last Create Entries Time
  • Tags - Fund Labels
  • Last Transaction Modified Time
  • Which funds contain pension accounts
  • 2015 FY Lodgement Status
  • Member Age as of Today
  • Simple Fund 360 Help.

Selecting any one of the above checkboxes will filter the results based on your selection.

Auto Complete and Suggestions 

As you start typing in the search box, a list of suggestions will display to make it easier and faster for you to find the information you are looking for.

You can press on the downward arrow key to highlight one of the suggestions. Press Enter to select it and Simple Fund 360 will display the search results based on the selected suggestion.

Fund Selection

From the Analytical Insights screen, start typing the name of the fund and press on the downward arrow on your keyboard to navigate to that fund.

Press Enter to select the fund.

Concessional Contribution (CC) and Non-Concessional Contribution (NCC) Caps



This will be available during the week starting 09/01/2017.

You can view and track the CC and NCC amounts for all your members and across all the funds from a single screen.

You can also check for which fund(s) the Bring Forward Rule has been triggered.

A set of filters will display for you to use based on the circumstances of your members.

Select one of the checkboxes to display only those fund(s) information meeting the chosen criteria.

Pension $1.6 Million Cap

Use the Pension Current Balance search function to filter which pensions balances are:

  • Under $1M
  • From $1M to $1.5M
  • Over $1.6M

Select the checkbox to the left of the filter to view the resulting funds. 

Please note that you will need to consider super balances outside of this SMSF (e.g. Industry Fund balance), which are not included in this filter.

Pension Payments/Drawdowns

The Analytical Insights screen now allows you to search pension payment (drawdown) amounts for a selected financial year. The following search options are available: 

Minimum MetCombined minimum pension drawdown for all pension accounts within the fund has been met.
Minimum Not MetCombined minimum pension drawdown for all pension accounts within the fund has not been met.
Above MaximumCombined maximum pension drawdown for all pension accounts within the fund exceeds the maximum amount.


After you have selected the relevant filter above, you can search and select the fund for more information:


This will provide a pension account specific breakdown of the pension drawdowns for the year. Each member will be listed and their respective accounts will appear below. 

Export as CSV

You can export the search results to a CSV file by selecting Export Funds as CSV File.

This will export the details of the filtered funds showing on-screen to a CSV File.


The Transaction tab allows you to filter transactions based on account type and

The number of transactions will show next to in the Transaction tab.

As you drill down through the accounts and transactions, the Transaction count will update.

You can use Transaction Date to display transactions for a specific period.

On the left-hand side, you have a breakdown of the accounts and transactions and on the right-hand side, you have a list of your funds with the balances on and before Today's date and another column showing balances on and before a year from Today's date.

To get the number of transactions and balances for a specific account, select the account by ticking the box next to it.

Account Classification

This section allows you to have a quick snapshot of the balance and number of entries for each account type.

To drill down the accounts, you can tick the checkbox next to that account.

Transaction Information

You can drill down the balances using Transaction Status, Transaction Source and User.

For example, selecting Auto Matched will display the number of transactions that have been auto-matched by Simple Fund 360 and the corresponding funds on the right-hand side.

You can further filter the list by ticking another option on the left-hand side panel. For instance, selecting BGL Bank Data, will display the number of transactions from the BGL Bank Data service that have been automated by Simple Fund 360 and the corresponding funds on the left.

You can view the transactions by clicking on the View entries >> link.

Upcoming Developments

The following information will be available in the near future for you to search real-time through Analytical Insights:

  • Corporate Actions
  • Investments