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Unfortunately, the ability to process a fund transfer within Simple Fund 360 is not yet available. This feature has been placed as a high priority on the product roadmap and will be coming soon.

The good news is that there is a temporary workaround until the feature becomes available. Review your scenario below for further instructions.

Firm Split/Separation

If your firm is currently facing a split/separation and you are looking to split funds, you will need to appoint BGL to act as the sole Administrator of the subscription.

Until the Fund Transfer Function becomes available you will need to share the same database, however, BGL will divide your database based on user roles and permissions. You will only have access to the funds requested.

To implement this option please email

To discuss licensing please contact your Account Manager on 1300 654 401 or

Firm Takeover

If a firm takeover occurs across all funds please contact your Account Manager on 1300 654 401 or who will discuss switching the licence to the new subscriber.

When it comes to accessing the databases you will have a single sign-on process where you will share one username and password across multiple licenses. Once you sign into Simple Fund 360 you will be able to choose which firm you want to access. 


It will become the responsibility of the administrator to update or review the data of the previous firm being taken over; such as updating badges, contacts and lodging party information. 

Alternate: Fund Setup

You have the ability to set up a fund and input opening balances into your own firm. BGL can offer this service @ $66.00 per fund terms and conditions apply.

This process is not recommended as you will lose fund history and will be required to re-sign authority forms for any data feeds that are active.

To implement this option please email