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A HTML Login link can be added to your website which will allow your clients to log in directly to Simple Fund 360. 

Once a client clicks the button on your web site their credentials will be securely sent to Simple Fund 360 and logged in as if they had entered the details into the standard Simple Fund 360 website.

Before Making Changes

Before making any changes to your website, you will require the assistance of a web designer or developer when making changes and additions to HTML forms required to make these modifications to your website.

HTML Changes

Your web site web developer will need to use the following HTML source code on your website. They will need to customise the HTML with your own Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and design to suit your website.

Your website developer will need to ensure that the form field names and form action URL are not changed in the process. 

HTML Source Code: 

<form name="form_login" method="post" action="">
Username: <input name="j_username" type="text" class="edits"/><br>
Password: <input name="j_password" type="password" class="edits"/><br>
<input name="btn_submit" type="submit" value="Sign in"><br>
<a href="<InsertShortName>">Forgot Password</a><br>


Input the following where users have access to multiple firms in Simple Fund 360 and you would only like them to access one firm only (input above the username line of code).

<input type="hidden" name="firm" value="<InsertShortName>"><br>

You will need to replace <InsertShortName>, with the Short Firm Name provided to you in your Invitation email to SF360. 


Locating your Short Firm Name

Your firm's Short Firm Name (SFN) can be located in the following areas:
  1. The SFN can be found in the original email sent to your firm's SF360 administrator when you first purchased SF360.

  2. In your Simple Fund Migration Utility. In Simple Fund, from the Ribbon Toolbar, Select Data In/Out and then select Migrate Funds. Select the hammer & spanner icon  to view the SFN. 

    In the example above the Short Firm Name is SimpleFund360.

  3. If you are an external party (auditor, adviser etc.), you can ask the original administrator for the SFN.