Welcome to your SF360 Online Help. This section is designed to give you a better understanding of SF360.

The information has been made available to you to introduce you to the features of SF360 and where applicable, provide a comparison to the feature in its Simple Fund context. 

SF360 also contains many new features that will also be introduced in the Getting Started help files.

Simple Fund vs. SF360

SF360 is the culmination of BGL's 15+ years' experience in producing Australia's leading SMSF administration solution.

It bundles all those features that clients love in Simple Fund and at the same time delivers an automated, connected, paperless and scalable SMSF administration solution.

This section provides a comparison of the key features between Simple Fund and SF360.


Migrating from Simple Fund to SF360

Migrating your data and documents from Simple Fund to SF360 involves just a few quick steps.

A migration tool is available in Simple Fund that fully converts your selected funds to SF360.