From the Main Toolbar, go to Member.

Select Member list.

Member List 

The Member List is the main screen in the Members section. It contains the following on screen features:

  • List of current members.
  • Add a new member account.
  • Edit an existing member's account information.
  • Input member transactions.

Screen Features

Member Information


All or Current Member Toggle

Switch Members between all (including ceased) and current members.

Member Name

Each member's name will display on screen with their age recorded alongside the name.

To edit the member's details click into the member account and select Edit Contact.

Member Code (MEMBERCODE)

An auto generated code used to identify a member's balance, income and expense accounts in the fund. This code is created when a member is added to the fund.

Account Description

Insert an account description. This is a mandatory field. For example, if the account is a pension account, input the type of pension account (such as Account Based).

Account Type

The type of member account (accumulation or pension).

Start Date

The date the member account commenced in the fund. This date may differ for each account.

End Date

The date the member account was ceased (if ceased) in the fund.

Tax Free %

The tax free percentage of the member's account balance will display. This amount is automatically calculated based on the taxable and tax free components of the member's balances upon pension commencement.


The current account balance of the member.

Member Accounts

Member accounts will appear in the 50000 account range in the chart of accounts and can only be added through the Members screen. 

Simple Fund 360 uses a MEMBERCODE to represent each member account (the MEMBERCODE is the sub account for each member). 

The MEMBERCODE will consist of:

  • Up to twelve alphanumeric characters.
  • An auto generated combination of the first three letters from the member's surname; plus the first three letters of the member's first name. In addition, a further five numbers and the first letter of the member's account type (accumulation or pension) will be form the code.

 For Example:

First Name

Last Name

Account Type


Account Code






Member accounts are fund specific (unique to each fund) and will only appear in the Fund chart of accounts in Simple Fund 360.

Add a Member

When a member account is added, the default is an accumulation account. Each member in Simple Fund 360 can only have one accumulation account. 

Refer to the ATO website for more information on superannuation interests.

If you would like to add a pension member account to the fund, you need to convert an existing accumulation member to pension phase.

  1. From the Member List screen, select New Member Account and from the drop down list below, select New Accumulation Member

  2. Input the member's personal details. If the member has been added to the Contacts list in Simple Fund 360 (see Getting Started: Add a Person) begin inputting their name into the Select Member From Contacts search bar and select their name from the drop down list that appears below. 

  3. Simple Fund 360 will create a MEMBERCODE based on the member's name (which is editable). 

    Once you have saved the member account, the MEMBERCODE is no longer editable. 

  4. Input the following details of the member. 

    Account Details
    Account DescriptionInsert an account description. This is a mandatory field. For example, if the account is a pension account, input the type of pension account (such as Account Based).
    Start Date (Date Joined Fund)Input the date the member joined the fund. If you need to input/change the date the member joined the fund and it is outside of the current financial year date range in Fund Details, the date range will need to be opened temporarily. You will receive an error if the date range is outside the current financial year.
    Service Period Start DateInput the date the member began receiving contributions from their latest employer.
    Nominate Beneficiaries
    Add BeneficiarySelect Add Beneficiary to nominate a beneficiary to the member. The beneficiary will need to be added as a Contact prior to adding here.
    Upload FormSelect Upload Form to upload a Binding Death Nomination Form.
    View FormSelect View Form to view the Binding Death Nomination Form.
    BDBN FormDeath Benefit Nomination Form can be prepared.
    Financial InformationExplanation
    Death and Disability InsuranceSee Insurance premiums.
    Employer's ABNWill appear in Item A1 of Schedule F in The SMSF Annual Return.
    Centrelink Product Reference and Original Purchase Price.Input amounts here to record on the Centrelink/DVA Schedule.

     5.  Select Save to add the member to the fund or Cancel to abort the change.

          After selecting Save, the following screen will display:


6. Select Yes to input opening balances for the member or No to return to the Member List.