Simple Fund 360 Conventions

One of the main objectives of Simple Fund 360 is to enable superannuation data to be entered as quickly as possible. The following design features are just some of the ways Simple Fund 360 speeds up the data entry process:

  1. Within all transaction screens you are able to skip to the next field, using the Tab key.
  2. When entering cash payments or receipts Simple Fund 360 will automatically post the bank entry to the selected bank account.
  3. Use the standard windows shortcut keys Cut (Ctrl + X), Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) to move data amongst fields. MAC users can use standard Mac shortcut keys Cut (Cmd + X), Copy (Cmd + C) and Paste (Cmd + V)"
  4. You can right click on your mouse in any screen to view a menu of options.

Date entry shortcuts

Simple Fund 360 has its own shortcut keys should you prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse. Some common shortcut keys used throughout Simple Fund 360 are as follows:

Ctrl + Shift + Z Create a new line item in the transaction screen
Ctrl + EnterPost a transaction
Ctrl + Shift + EnterPost current transaction and add another transaction
Ctrl + ShiftAdd to the list
EscCancel out of a new transaction without saving
?/Access the Simple Fund 360 Search


View multiple pages

View multiple pages in Simple Fund 360 at the same time by using tabbed browsing.

There are three main ways to open a link in a new tab:

  1. Hold down Ctrl + Left Click on the link.
  2. Right-click on a link and select open a new tab.
  3. Ctrl + T to open a new tab.
  4. Right-click on the main menu in Simple Fund 360 to open a new tab.

Acceptable date formats

When entering transactions the following formats are valid in the Transaction List.

  • DD/MM/YY

 Example 2nd July 2016 can be entered as:

  • 020716
  • 02072016
  • 02/07/16
  • 02/07/2016

 Browser Zooming

  • In order to zoom in, press control (Windows) or command (Mac) with the + key.
  • To zoom out, press control (Windows) or command (Mac) with the - key. 
  • To restore zoom to 100% select control (Windows) or command (Mac) and 0.

Fund Favourites

From Fund Selection, select the  to the left of the Fund Code as this will add the fund to the favourites list. To filter on your favourite funds from the Fund Selection screen, select Favourites.


Services Status

Navigate to Help and select Services Status.

This page contains important announcements and alerts for all services in Simple Fund 360.