Financial Reports in Simple Fund 360

The Reports screen prepares a full set of financial statements, investment reports, member reports, ledger reports and other documents for superannuation funds. You can also access real time financial information and set up report packs.

 Note: Cash Flow Statement currently not available.  

Real Time Financial Information

Simple Fund 360 provides a real time view of a fund's financial performance, allowing instant access to timely and accurate information all year round. Informed decision making and information transparency are just a few of the benefits from real time reporting capabilities. Simply add a Report Pack to view instant and timely financial information. 

Navigation to the Reports screen

From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.

Select Reports.

Add and Customise your own Report Packs

A Report Pack is your own customised source of financial statements. Simple Fund 360 allows you to simply Drag & Drop reports from the report list into a Report Pack to view, download or print. 

When creating a new report pack, you need to ensure that you currently have no Report Pack selected.

Otherwise, the Save New Report Pack icon will not display.

Select Clear. This will clear the currently selected reports and None should display.

How to add a Report Pack

  1. From the left-hand menu, select the reports that you want included in the report pack. From Custom ReportsFinancial Reports, Investment Reports, Letter/Minutes, Work Paper Reports or Audit Reports, select the report by clicking Add or simply drag & drop the report into the Drag & Drop field. To remove a report, select  next to the report.

  2. After you have selected the reports to include in the Report Pack, select Save New Report Pack

  3. Enter a Report Pack name and select Save Pack. 

  4. The Report Pack will now be added to the Select Report Pack list.

How to edit an existing Report Pack 

  1. From the Reports screen, select a Report Pack from Select Report Pack.

  2. To add additional reports and documents to the Report Pack, click Add or simply drag & drop the report into the Drag & Drop field. 

  3. To remove a report from the Report Pack, select Options and from the drop down list select Remove Report

  4. Select Save Pack Changes to save the changes or exit from the Report Pack to abort any changes. 

How to rename a Report Pack

  1. From the Reports screen, select the Report Pack from Select Report Pack.

  2. Select  to edit the name of the report pack.

  3. Input the new name.

  4. Select Save to confirm the changes.

How to run a Report Pack

To download a Report Pack in PDF follow the steps below:

  1. From the Reports screen, select Report Pack and choose the Report Pack from the drop-down list below. 

  2. Select the Reporting Dates for the Report. For a custom reporting date, select Custom Dates and input the Start and End date.

  3. Select a Badge to attach to the pack.

  4. Select Download Report Pack.

  5. Simple Fund 360 will produce the Report Pack in PDF, which will be stored in the Documents Tab.

To download an individual report in PDF, Word or Excel:

  1. On the left-hand side of the Reports screen, Drag & Drop a report 

  2. Once the report has been dragged & dropped,selectOptions

  3. Select either Download PDF, Download Word or Download Excel.

Screen Features

Screen Feature


Select Report Pack

Select an existing Report Pack from the drop-down list below.

Rename Report Pack

Select to edit the name of the selected Report Pack.

Delete Report Pack

Select Delete Pack to delete the selected Report Pack.


Select Clear to remove all the currently selected reports.

Reporting Dates

Filter the financial period that the Report Pack will display. The following options are available:

  • Current Financial Year
  • Previous Financial year
  • Current Quarter
  • Previous Quarter
  • Custom Dates

ToinputCustom Dates use the Start Date and End Date fields.

Start Date

Select the Calendar to input the Start Date of the period.

End Date

Select the Calendar to input the End Date of the period.


The fund's Badge will appear. 

Select Add New Badge from the drop-down list to create a new Badge in Simple Fund 360. 

Select Use Default Badge to use the default Badge settings for the Report Pack. 


Select for a list of settings and download options available for the report.


Select for a list of report options and settings available for the report. The list of settings changes depending on the report selected.

Download Excel

Select Download Excel to download the Report Pack to Excel.

Download Word

Select Download Word to download the Report Pack to Word.

Download PDF

Select Download PDF to download the Report Pack as a PDF.

Search for a Report

Type in a report name to search for that report in the report list below.

Drag & Drop your Reports here

Select a report(s) from the Financial Reports, Letters/Minutes and Work Paper Reports Lists. Click on the report and drag it from the List and drop it in the Drag & Drop field to add it to the Report Pack.

Custom Reports

Select Custom Reports to create or select your custom reports in Simple Fund 360.

Financial Reports

Select Financial Reports to open the list of financial reports available in Simple Fund 360.

Investment Reports

Select Investment Reports to open the list of Investment Reports available in Simple Fund 360.


Select Letters/Minutes to open the list of letters and minutes available in Simple Fund 360.

Work Paper Reports

Select Work Paper Reports to open the list of working papers available in Simple Fund 360.

Audit Reports

Select Audit Reports to open the list of Audit Reports available in Simple Fund 360.

Save New Report Pack

Select Save New Report Pack to save a new ReportPack .

Note: The Save New Report Pack button will display if you do not have any Report Pack selected under Select Report Pack.

Select Save Pack Changes to save any changes made to an existing Report Pack.

Download Report Pack

Select Download Report Pack to prepare your customised Report Pack.

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