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From the Main Toolbar, go to Member.
Select Pension dashboard from the list.

Welcome to the Pension Dashboard

The Pension Dashboard provides real-time Pension account information, including:

  • Pension Account Balances
  • Minimum amounts (and amount required to meet minimum payment)
  • Maximum amounts (and amount required to meet maximum payment)
  • Gross Drawdowns for the period
  • Pension Forecasts 


This information is accessible from anywhere, anytime and on any device. 

Select a Pension account

From the Pension Dashboard, select Pension Accounts and select the pension member from the drop-down list. 


Real Time Pension Information

Once you have selected a Pension account, the dashboard will populate with the account's information. 



Select Show More to view a Pension Forecast based on the Pension Withdrawal Amount input. 


Pension Payments Across All Funds

You can check which member has not taken the required minimum pension payment or has exceeded the maximum amount across all your funds through Analytical Insights.

Refer to Analytical Insights for more information.