To explain the Invite User and User Role features in Simple Fund 360.

Invite User and User Roles in Simple Fund 360

Simple Fund 360 allows you to invite users such as Clients, Employees, Auditors and Advisors to review a fund's information. You are able to determine what these users can access and see by editing the User Role settings of each user.

Navigation to the Invite User screen

From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings.

Select Invite New User under Quick User Setting

How to Invite a User

  1. Input the details of the user you wish to invite.The Invite Users page will display.




    Input a valid email address that will effectively become the username.

    First Name

    Input the user's first name.

    Last Name

    Input the user's last name.


    Select a role from the drop-down list. You can also search for a specific role.

    User roles can be added from the Role Settings screen.

    Assigned Funds

    Select to access the Fund(s) Selector page to choose which fund(s) to give the user access.

    Remove User

    Select to remove the user details entered if you no longer wish to invite this user.

    You can invite multiple users in one go by selecting .

    The number of users you are inviting will display at the bottom.

  2. Once you are done inputting all the details, select Invite User(s). An email will be sent to the user's email address containing a new temporary password. On the first login, the user will need to set up a password.

From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings.

Select User roles from the list.

Setting User Roles 

User Role Settings are provided to Users when they are invited to Simple Fund 360. These settings determine what the Users can access within Simple Fund 360.

How to Manage User Role Settings

Select  to create a new role or you can edit an existing user role by selecting it from the drop-down list.

Adding a New User Role

  1. Select Add New User Role
  2. Enter the name of the new User Role.
  3. To edit the settings of the user, for each option available, switch the toggle next to each option.
  4. Once you have finished editing the options, select Save to keep the settings or Cancel to abort the changes.

How to Reset the User Password if required

If a user has forgotten their password, they will need to follow these steps to reset the password:

  1. Navigate to your Simple Fund 360 login page and select Forgot your password? 

  2. The user will be directed to the Forgot your password? screen. They will need to enter their email address and input a security code. 

  3. Select Reset Password and an email will be sent to the user's email address. This email will contain a new temporary password to use to log in to the Create your own unique password page. The user can enter their new password and click Update to activate the new password. 

If you know your password and wish to change the password, refer to the Profile Management help.

User Role Options

Important: For a detailed explanation, see User Roles.

User Role options are split into Simple Fund 360 screen sections: 

  • Home
  • Connect
  • Fund
  • Members
  • Accounting
  • Investment 
  • Compliance
  • Reports
  • Settings

Within each section certain tabs and user abilities are switched On or Off using the toggle: 

In the example above, the user role (Employee) allows the user to use the Quick Fund Setup function; but does not allow them to delete funds.