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Simple Fund 360 will recognise a TRIS when the member is less than 65 years of age and the pension type has been set to Transition to Retirement Pension. When a member has been set up as a Transition to Retirement Pension, the Pension Dashboard will show a 10% maximum for the pension payment. The steps below are required to convert a TRIS to an Account Based Pension.


From the Main Toolbar, go to Member.

Select Member list.

  1. Select Convert to ABP next to the relevant TRIS member. 

  2. Input the conversion date. This will present the balance to convert. If this change is partway through the year, you will need to complete The Create Entries Process up until the day before the change.

  3. Confirm the rollover and preservation components. Select Save and Prepare Documents to proceed with the conversion and to prepare documentation. 

TRIS Pension Conversion Letter/Minutes

Select Save and Prepare Documents to produce the TRIS Conversion Letter/Minutes. These can also be prepared from the Reports screen at a later stage. 

  1. From the Main toolbar, select Report. 

  2. From the Reports screen, under the Letters/Minutes section, drag and drop the TRIS Pension Conversion Letter/Minute to the landing page.

  3. Select Preview Reports to download the documents. These documents can also be included as part of a Report Pack. Refer to Reports for more information. 

Delete/Reverse a TRIS to Account Based transfer 

To delete/reverse a TRIS to Account Based Pension transfer, you will need to:

  • delete the transaction in the Transaction List
  • delete the ABP details associated with the member

Delete Transaction

To delete the transaction, use the Transaction Filter to filter the screen by the Description "Transition to Retirement".

"Transition to Retirement Pension converted to Account Based Pension" is the actual description. 

To improve the filter's accuracy, also filter the Transaction List by the date of the pension transfer. 

Locate the batch of journals presented in the search result and select the checkbox to the left of them. Next select the Delete icon. 

You can also quickly select all checkboxes by selecting the "Select All" option appearing in the drop-down menu for the top checkbox to the left of Select

Delete ABP details associated with member

  1. Navigate to the Member List and select the Member account to remove the TRIS to Account Based Pension conversion from
    From the Main Toolbar, go to Member.

    Select Member list.

  2. Under Account Details, click Pension Type and restore it back to "Transition to Retirement Pension"
  3. Further down, expand the TRIS Conversion History and remove any entries in there by clicking the trash icon next to them.
  4. Click Save to keep your changes.