Quick Fund Selection

From anywhere in Simple Fund 360, begin typing the name of a fund into the search bar and select it from the drop down list. 


From the Main Toolbar, select Home.

Select  Fund Selection.

The Fund Selection Screen in SF360

Once you have logged in to Simple Fund 360, you will be automatically directed to the Fund Selection screen. This screen contains a list of all the funds created within your firm. Click on the fund you want to work on to log in to that fund. 

Unmatched Transactions 

The Unmatched Transactions column has been added to the Fund Selection screen and provides a snapshot of unmatched transactions for funds.  

Green: All transactions have been matched for the fund.

Red: Number of transactions that remain unmatched. Select the arrow to move to the Transaction Matching screen and complete the allocation of the fund's transactions. Highlight your mouse over the red icon to display the date range with unmatched transactions yet to be allocated. 

The current date range that will display is from 01/07/2014 to one day prior of viewing date.

Screen Buttons

Show All: Select Show All to show all funds in the fund list.

Favourites:  Select Favourites to show only funds chosen as favourite in the fund list. To favourite a fund, select the star to the left of the fund's name in the fund list.


Fund Selection Screen Feature



Select the star to the left of the Fund Code column for a favourite fund.

You can then filter the Fund Selection screen by favourite funds. Select FAVOURITES above the Add New Fund icon.

Fund Search

Type in the name of a fund and select Search to filter the fund list.

Add New Fund

Select Add New Fund and this will take you to Quick Fund Setup.


Labels allow funds to be grouped together for faster selection.

Delete Fund

Select the check box to the left of any fund(s) you want to remove from SF360 and select Delete.

Edit Fund

Select the check box to the left of a fund and select Edit. You will be directed to the Fund Details screen to edit fund information.

Relevant to each Fund, the Fund Selection screen lists the following fund specific information for each fund in the fund list: 

Fund Specific Information


Label As

(Add a Label)

The label(s) applied to a fund will appear under this column.

First select the check box to the left of a fund(s).

Select Label As, and from the drop down list, select Add Label. Input the name of the Label and attach the funds to group them.

Once a Label has been created, it will appear in the Label list. Select the Label to show the funds attached to the selected Label.

Last Create Entries Date

This column displays the last Create Entries date of a fund.

Fund Status

(Active or Inactive)

By default the fund will be Active. If the fund is no longer active, select Inactive from the drop-down list.

Note: Inactive funds still count towards your firm's overall subscription.