Fund Relationships in SF360

The Fund Relationships screen allows you to easily identify and manage all contacts that are related to a fund at one glance. From the Relationships screen you can: 

  • View and edit existing contacts 
  • Add new contacts 
  • Remove contacts 

This screen is fund specific, allowing you to drill down and manage contacts applicable only to the fund. Refer to the Contacts Help for more information on the Global list of contacts. 

To ensure that relationships appear on all Reports, for example trustees appear on the Trustee Declaration; they will need to be added in the Relationships screen before producing the reports.

Navigation to the Fund Relationships tab

From the Main Toolbar, go to Fund.

Select Fund relationships from the list.

How to add a Fund Relationship 

SF360 Contacts already added will appear under the Contacts List. If a Contact does not yet exist in the Contacts screen, simply select Add New Company or Add New Person to add them to the list.


  1. On the Relationships landing pad, select Create New Group

  2. From the drop down list, select the Relationship (for example, Accountant) Group you would like to add. 

  3. Drag & Drop the Contact from the Contact List to the Relationship Group. 

  4. Repeat this step for the remaining Fund Relationships