From the Main Toolbar, select the Fund

Select Fund dashboard from the list.

Note: The Fund Dashboard is the first screen you will access after selecting a fund from the Fund Selection screen. 

Welcome to the Fund Dashboard

The Fund Dashboard is the landing page for each fund, providing you with a complete fund overview:

In addition to this, the Fund Dashboard allows you to directly act on this information. Match new transactions, update Fund Details and set up Bank Feeds directly from this dashboard. 

Finally, if you want to invite others to view this fund, you can easily share the fund with others from here.

Connect with SelfWealth

Select the SelfWealth icon to easily connect with SelfWealth. You will need to register for SelfWealth for the link to work. Refer to the SelfWealth help for more information. 

Connect with others through SF360 

You can invite users such as Clients, Employees and Auditors to review the information in this fund. Fill in their information (name and email address) and SF360 will contact them to create a login for this fund. You can edit their permissions to SF360 via the User Roles section. 

If you have asked BGL a question about your fund, we may ask you to invite us so that we can log on and investigate the matter further. 


From the Fund Dashboard, select Share With... and from the drop-down list, select:

  • Trustee
  • Auditor
  • BGL Support

Simply input the user's name and email address and invite them to SF360. 

Important: If the Auditor has already been invited to Simple Fund 360 you will receive an error when trying to share this fund with them. If you need to provide an auditor additional access add the fund to their access list through the User Manager.

Review and Match Automated Bank and Investment Data

Automatically loaded bank and investment data can be reviewed and then Matched through the Dashboard. The live pie graph gives you a summary of the matching status of all fund transactions. 

You can select from one of the following options:

  • Unmatched - This will take you to the Transaction Matching screen and display all unmatched transactions.
  • Suggested Match - This will take you to the Transaction Matching screen and display suggested matches.
  • Transaction List - This will take you to the Transactions screen.

Data Feeds

Review and set up Data Feeds allowing you to fully automate the flow of data into your fund. Refer to the Connect Help for more information on setting up Data feeds. 


The Data Feeds section will also display a snapshot of all accounts (for example, active, awaiting signature) and bank account balances. 

Balance in 360Statement Balance
The balance here will display the balance of all matched transactions to the bank account in SF360.The statement balance will display the actual balance at the last download date.

I am trying to reconcile the bank balance in SF360 from the dashboard with the bank balance in the Trial Balance. The two figures are different? 

The Balance in 360 displaying on the dashboard is the current balance. The bank balance displaying in the trial balance is displaying the balance for a date range (for example to 30/6/2014). You can confirm the balances match by running the trial balance at today's date. See Reports for more information.