To explain Email Notifications in Simple Fund 360

Email Notifications

Email notifications are generated by Simple Fund 360 and sent to others to notify them of certain information, including:

  • Invitations to Simple Fund 360
  • Password Changes
  • Uploading of Documents 
  • Document Signings 

The Email Template screen allows you to customise email notifications sent through Simple Fund 360.


From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings.
Select Email template from the list.

Select and Edit Email Templates

When you access the Email Template screen, the full list of email templates will appear. 

To edit any of the existing email templates, select the email template type and make changes to the template through the Edit Email Template box. For example:

The Edit Email Template Box for the Reset Password template

Once you have edited the required email templates, select Save

Email Notification Settings

From the Notification screen you can set the frequency of notifications sent to others. 

From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings.
Select Notification from the list.


Under the Notify column, select the notification type. 

From the Edit Notification screen, you can adjust who will be notified and when they are notified. 

Select Done once you have chosen the contact(s).

Select Save once you have made the changes or Cancel to abort the changes.