Attach or remove funds from a Badge

To attach a fund to a Badge, select Attach Funds

Search and select for the funds to attach to the Badge and select them. Select Save. 

To remove funds from a Badge, repeat the above steps but deselect the checkbox to the left of the fund(s) to remove. Select Save. 


From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings.

Select Badge from the list.


Badges control the look and feel of ReportsDashboards and Letter Templates in Simple Fund 360.

A Badge is related to a fund. This relationship is displayed in: 

  • The Badge screen, where a fund can be attached to a Badge
  • The Quick Fund Setup screen when setting up a new fund

A fund can only have one Badge. 


The following options can be edited in a Badge:

  • The Badge Name
  • General Report Settings
  • Reporting Options
  • Firm Logo
  • Fund Relationships
  • Set the Revaluation Order for Managed Funds, Unit Trusts, and Shares in Listed Companies
  • Set SMSF Annual Return PDF options
  • Notes to the Financial Statements

If you do not create or set a customised Badge option for a fund, the Default Badge will apply. The default badge will also apply for funds migrated from Simple Fund Desktop.

What happens if I change any of these Badge options within a fund? Will this overwrite the options originally created by the Badge?

Any changes you make to a fund's options outside of the Badge screen will only affect that particular fund, the Badge option will remain unchanged. 

How to Create a Badge

  1. From the Badge screen, select Create New Badge

  2. In the Badge Name field, input the name you want to give the Badge.

  3. Choose the General Report Settings for the Badge. These settings determine how the financial reports produced by the fund(s) attached to this Badge will produce financial information.

    Report Setting



    Select Yes to prepare rounded financial statements for fund(s) attached to the Badge. No decimals will then display in these reports.

    Show Comparatives

    Select Yes to prepare financial statements with comparative amounts from the prior financial year.

    Include $ Sign

    Select Yes to include the $ sign in front of all numerical figures in financial statements.

    Time StampSelect No to remove the date and time prepared on the Financial Reports.
    APES 315 FooterSelect Yes to use the APES 315 Footer for financial statements. Select No to hide the footer. The text box can be used to edit the footer wording.

    Reporting Entity

    Select Yes if the fund(s) attached to the Badge are considered a reporting entity or if the funds will adopt accounting standard AAS25 - Financial Reporting by Superannuation Plans. 

    Note 1 will display as being prepared on a Cash Basis if this is selected as No. If selected as Yes, Note 1 will display the accounts have been prepared on an accrual basis.

    DisclaimerSelect Yes to display The accompanying notes form part of these financial statements as a footer in the Operating Statement and Statement of Financial Position.

    Negative Amounts

    Select either the Brackets or Minus Sign from the drop-down list to determine how negative amounts in financial statements will appear for funds attached to this Badge.

    Date DocumentsSelect No to remove dates appearing on the signature sections of reports and in the headings of trustee minute/resolutions. If No is selected the date field will be left blank for you to print the document and fill in manually. If Yes is selected the date will pre-fill.
  4. Choose the Reporting Options for the fund(s) attached to this Badge. 

    Report Option


    Tax Effect Accounting

    Click this check box to include tax effect accounting when calculating period end entries for fund(s) under this Badge. Leave this check box unchecked if you do not wish to adopt tax effect accounting. When ticked, SF360 will create a provision for deferred income tax (PDIT) for the fund. 

    Resident Fund

    Click this check box if fund(s) attached to this Badge are Australian residents for Income Tax purposes.

    GST Registered

    Click this check box if the fund(s) attached to this Badge are registered for GST. Where the fund is GST registered, SF360 will deduct GST amounts from all assets, income and expense accounts appearing in reports. 

    Include realised capital losses in PDIT/FITB

    This option will treat realised capital losses as a timing difference when calculating the provision for deferred income tax/future income tax benefit for fund(s) attached to this Badge.


    This check box will be automatically ticked when Tax Effect Accounting is ticked.

    Include unrealised capital losses at 10%

    This option will include unrealised capital losses in timing differences at the 10% tax rate when calculating the provision for deferred income tax/future income tax benefit. This option assumes losses will be applied against discounted gains and is not recommended where assets are generally sold within 12 months of acquisition.


    This check box will be automatically ticked when Tax Effect Accounting is ticked.

    Fund Tax Rate

    Leave this as 15%.

    Default Financial Year

    Input the default financial year.

  5. To add your firm logo to SF360 produced documents and reports, on the right-hand side of the screen, select Upload Logo. Upload your firm logo from its stored location on your computer. Recommended size is 100 by 33 pixels.

  6. On the right-hand side of the screen, select Attach Funds and from the drop-down list that appears below, attach the fund(s) to the Badge

  7. Input the Default Relationships for the fund(s) attached to the Badge. 

    You can add the following default relationships of fund(s) attached to the Badge:

    • Fund Contact
    • Fund Tax Agent
    • Fund Auditor
    • Fund Advisor 

  8. Revaluation Order

    This determines which price is used when investment revaluations are calculated. Refer to How to customise Managed Fund / Unit Trust and Share Prices for more information.

  9. Complete the SMSF Annual Return PDF Options

  10. Include Notes - At badge level tick the check box for each note you wish to include in the financial statements. Notes are automatically numbered by SF360. 

  11. Once you have finished inputting all Badge information, click Save to add the Badge or Cancel to abort the changes.